Our Mission

TERAMARK engages in data fusion technology, applied mathematics and scientific computing
to produce optimization systems tailored to the "Industry 4.0" needs of clients from diverse industries. 
Our mission is bringing our intelligent technology to governments and businesses in order to enable their next generation "Internet of Things" business models.

Quick facts

Fully independent
We are self-funded and profitable, with no long-term loans.

We are growing organically.


We are driven by strong values. Our data fusion systems comply with human rights: We do not apply data fusion and optimization techniques to people. We belief in free man as laid down in our European constitutions. We belief in the pareto optimum of the social market economy and in  degrowth for greater sustainability.

Established 2009

TERAMARK is a German company founded in 2009. While its core team is tied together for over 15 years, in 2009 we established our own corporate vehicle to act independently from outside pressures other than those dictated by economic conditions when deciding which projects we will serve.


We specialize in artificial intelligence, especially multi-agents and swarm intelligence, all types of machine learning and optimization - reinforcement learning, neural networks, and meta learning -, and multi-sensor data fusion. We wrap our technologies into "Industry 4.0" products.

Active research

We do not only have a commercial focus, but aim to share our research results with universities to contribute to the development of next generation infrastructures. Sometimes our research turns into products or services.


RisqLabs and SuppliLabs are brand names of Teramark Technologies GmbH.

Contact us


TERAMARK Technologies GmbH i. L.

Dreiseithof Hofbauer Unit E, Marchenbacher Straße 12
85406 Zolling, Germany

Phone: +49-(0)89-1250 965 90

Press contact: pr@teramarktechnologies.com

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