Our Approach to Scientific Computing

Concept Engineering

Studies have indicated that 50-75% of new software fails, usually because they failed to add value for the customer. We conduct Market Requirements Definition (MRD) studies for our clients and apply a Voice of the Customer (VoC) methodology, an approach to Total Quality Management (TQM) to define and develop new products and services.

Specifying and Designing

We ensure that the Business Case for a new software or project is completed in a way that identifies product opportunities – and potential risks. We shape your vision using a technology mix; identifying users and stakeholders, mapping their issues against solutions and helping you to justify resource needs when delivering initial schedules and timelines for a new software or IT service.

Agile SCRUM Methodology

We take our software projects very seriously and follow the Agile SCRUM methodology to allow for repeatability testing throughout the design process and always ensure that projects result in a tangible outcome.

Prefactored Components

We build software components, which we also distribute to developers and companies engaged in scientific computing, machine learning, multi-agent systems and optimization tasks. Our scientific software components allow users to focus on business applications and customized technology, leaving the design aspects in our capable hands. We provide for high-performance numerical computing tasks: MacNumerics C++ Library; Mac.ML C++ Library (Machine Learning); Mac.MC Library (Markov Chain and Monte Carlo Methods) and Mac.F1 Library (Data Fusion).

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