Who is Teramark Technologies?

We are a group of mathematicians, quantitative analysts, data scientists, developers, software engineers, and web experts, pioneering and improving key technology or the digital age with the ambition of providing our industrial clients with the best optimization tools for their risk management, logistics and information challenges.


Yvonne Hofstetter

Yvonne Hofstetter, Managing Director

For 15 years, Yvonne is active in various IT management roles. Since 2009, she serves as managing director of Teramark Technologies and overlooks the company's entire business. With her passion for data fusion technologies, Yvonne serves as link between Teramark's customers and its technology department ensuring that user requirements result in professional, user-friendly applications. She is also dedicated to transport the idea of a civilized human machine relationship into society.



Christian Brandlhuber

Christian Brandlhuber, Head of Technology

High-performance and scientific computing is Christian’s passion. With a longtime interest in machine learning and optimization, Christian lives to find elegant solutions to very complex data problems using custom artificial intelligence algorithms. One result is RisqLabs that uses proprietary methods of data fusion and predictive analytics requiring supercomputers to process. Christian still maintains his involvement in projects for the defence industry.



Our In-house Staff

Research and development tasks that contribute to our algorithmic core are done exclusively from within Germany. Our inhouse staff constantly improves and adds to our algorithmic core, and supports our industrial customers on a day-to-day basis. Want to become a part of our inhouse staff?


Sales teams and operational teams are located outside of Teramark Technologies in the businesses of our users. Some of them are more, others are less strongly affiliated with Teramark Technologies.

Our Advisory Board

We maintain an advisory board that consists of experts from different disciplines which are less strongly represented in our German core team. Mode of operation is laid down in our statutes of the advisory board.

Our experts identify topics which are technologically, operationally, or structurally important for Teramark Technologies. They discuss these and prepare advice to our management. We have learned that input from our experts is extremely valuable. It facilitates new business ideas, new approaches to data analysis and markets. 


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