Our Distribution Model

TERAMARK Technologies designs and develops key technologies for Industry 4.0 and industrial Big Data applications. As OEM manufacturers, we enable companies that use our technologies to operate new types of business models that are at the forefront of the digital revolution. 



TERAMARK enables new business models: Algorithmic risk management in multinationals that are exposed to currency swings; optimization of supply networks in the mutualized logistics environments of smart cities; and intelligent governmental applications that strive for higher safety levels in a more vulnerable world than ever.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

TERAMARK Technologies markets and distributes software components to next generation industrial businesses with a need for Big Data key technologies. Our software components lets our customers focus on their business models, keeping them from reinventing the wheel.



Across TERAMARK Technologies, we strive for operational excellence and customer value. We have established T-Point as our internal quality assurance process, starting from the Six Sigma process "Voice of the Customer" for requirements engineering to the SCRUM methodology for fast and effective software development.


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